Re: Sarcasm

Date: Mon Jun 29 1998 - 18:24:07 EDT

From: David Palmer

Tauber's morphs for Mark 14:41 say:

021441 ! v- 2pai-p-- vipa--2pvmpa--2p !
*kaqeu/dete kaqeudete kaqeu/dete ! kaqeu/dw

021441 ! v- 2pmi-p-- vipm--2pvmpm--2p !
a)napau/esqe; anapauesqe; a)napau/esqe ! a)napau/w

Abaout this, on Mon, Jun 29, 1998 7:18 AM EDT, Carl Conrad wrote:

>what Tauber's morphs is saying is that BOTH verbs are
>imperative (The "a" with KAQEUDETE is for "active,"
>the "m" with ANAPAUESQE is for "middle").

Thanks, Carl. But what I still don't understand is, in the Tauber morphs
above, which letters or combo of letters is used to indicate "imperative"? In
the documentation I got with it, it says "m" means imperative, but I, like
you, seemed to get the impression that "m" also means "middle," so I am still
unable to interpret the code with certainty.

Regards, (David Palmer)

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