Re: Josephus Antiquities 3.1.173

From: Steven Cox (
Date: Mon Jun 29 1998 - 19:49:47 EDT

At 14:20 98/06/29 -0400, Carl W. Conrad wrote:
>It took me a while before I realized that there's a transliteration code in
>the text give here such that Q=TH in abbreviations for the article. I also
>rather doubt that this could have come from Perseus, since Perseus only has
>classical Greek texts--I suspect that it rather came from the TLG "D"

        Hi Carl
        No, Perseus does have Josephus and I find using their
        Josephus-only Greek word search is a fantastic supplement to
        CCAT LXX. But in view of your previous remarks on cut and
        pasting of other transliterations I took the trouble of
        word processing Perseus' th, ch and o^ e^ into b-greek
        standard using the Find/Replace function in Word6.0
        It took about 3 minutes. (but I have finally given up and
        ordered TLG-D, mainly as Perseus doesn't have Philo...)

>As for the substance of the question, my own guess--and it is nothing more
>than a guess--is that AGGELOI became a LXX variant for hUIOI in Gen 6:3
>precisely because of the polytheistic implications of hUIOI QEOI in the
>Hebrew text (at least in the Masoretic text)

        I'm sorry, my Hebrew is rudimentary, why would hUIOI QEOI
        be polytheistic in Hebrew? and is it so in other semitic
        Best regards

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