Dura-Europos (was: Re: Harmonization of Gospels)

From: Mark Goodacre (M.S.Goodacre@bham.ac.uk)
Date: Sun Jun 28 1998 - 20:25:58 EDT

Dexter Garnier wrote:

>Would Tatian's Diatessaron qualify? It is the earliest known
>harmony of the gospels (c. 150). It can be found in vol. 9 of
>The Ante-Nicene Fathers. This translation into English is
>from two Arabic mss.

>Only a very small fragment has ever been found in Greek --
>and that in Dura Europos in 1933. It's date and provenance
>is a matter of debate among scholars. C. Kraeling dates it
>to the first half of the third century.

Actually the Dura-Europos fragment may well not be a fragment of
Tatian. We have been working on the fragment here in Birmingham and
shortly our article on this should be published. It features a new
reconstruction of the text as well as documentation of the
unlikelihood that this is part of the Diatessaron.

All the best

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