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Wout van Bekkum, Jan Houben, Ineke Sluiter, Kees Versteegh

1997 ix, 322 pp. Studies in the History of the Language Sciences, 82

US/Canada: Cloth: 1 55619 617 2 Price: US$99.00

Rest of the world: Cloth: 90 272 4568 1 Price: Hfl. 198,--

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The aim of this study is a comparative analysis of the role of semantics
in the linguistic theory of four grammatical traditions, Sanskrit,
Hebrew, Greek, Arabic. If one compares the organization of linguistic
theory in various grammatical traditions, it soon turns out that there
are marked differences in the way they define the place of 'semantics'
within the theory. In some traditions, semantics is formally excluded
from linguistic theory, and linguists do not express any opinion as to
the relationship between syntactic and semantic analysis. In other
traditions, the whole basis of linguistic theory is semantically
orientated, and syntactic features are always analysed as correlates of a
semantic structure. However, even in those traditions, in which semantics
falls explicitly or implicitly outside the scope of linguistics, there
may be factors forcing linguists to occupy themselves with the semantic
dimension of language. One important factor seems to be the presence of a
corpus of revealed/sacred texts: the necessity to formulate hermeneutic
rules for the interpretation of this corpus brings semantics in through
the back door.

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