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From: Norman Frederick Schafer (
Date: Sun Jul 19 1998 - 01:08:32 EDT

What is an interlinear?

>About 2 years ago, I wanted to enrich my personal understanding of the
>Testament by becoming a fluent reader. I found my copy of Marshall's
>interlinear of the Nestle text and I started reading a chapter a day from
>the Greek with modern pronunciation (I know several Greeks who would
>at me if I used scholarly pronuciation). The value of using an
>was enormous, I began to recognize words by their sound without having to
>look them up. The audible Greek helped me to memorize vocabulary by
>sounding like an English word. You can cover a lot of ground if don't
>to look up every verb ending. I very quickly gained enough fluency so
>now I can read most of the New Testament (noninterlinear) without
>consulting a lexicon and I can even appreciate some of Paul's puns or
>double entendres. Even on less familiar ground like the Septuagint, I
>my comprehension greatly increased.

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