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Date: Sun Aug 02 1998 - 21:56:51 EDT

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> What is the antecedent of TOUTON in Acts 13:27? Is it not O LOGOS in
> verse 26. This raises another question about the referent of O LOGOS in
> verse 26. I would have taken this referent to be impersonal, something
> like "the message" but others disagree.


 ISTM that the referent of TOUTON in Acts 13:27 is the AUTON of verse 30,
 referring back to the Saviour, TWi ISRAHL SWTHRA IHSOUN, of verse 23.
 Paul's speech at Antioch in Pisidia seems modelled on Stephen's speech
 before his martyrdom in Acts 7:1-53, which made such an impression on
 Saul of Tarsus at that time.

 hO LOGOS in verse 26 is part of a phrase hO LOGOS THS SWTHRIAS TAUTHS.
 This seems to be a Hebraism, DeBhaR-HaYeShu`aH HaZZo'Th. Translate as
 "This message of salvation". The noun in the Construct State cannot be
 modified on its own; so the definite article and the demonstrative
 pronoun go with "salvation" rather than with "message" or "word". The
 "message" is of course the Gospel message, the KHRUGMA.

 IMHO it does not refer to the Person of the Saviour, hO LOGOS of the
 Johannine Prelude, but to the Message of the Salvation he came to bring.

 So, TOUTON is personal; hO LOGOS is impersonal.


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