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From: clayton stirling bartholomew (
Date: Mon Aug 03 1998 - 14:25:33 EDT

Mary L B Pendergraft wrote:

> And I add that I believe TOUTON in v. 27 is the object of KRINANTES as
> well, whereas TAS FWNAS TWN PROFHTWN is the object of EPLHRWSAN: "having
> judged him they fulfilled the words of the prophets....and demanded that
> Pilate....." I'll add gratuitously that I think hEURONTES is concessive:
> "although they found...."


You raise a point that I was pondering, the relationship between TOUTON and
KRINANTES. If TOUTON can be the object of two participles then this would give
us a syntactical argument for finding a personal antecedent for TOUTON. This
is the kind of evidence I was looking for, but I was not sure that I could
make a case for TOUTON being the object of both AGNOHSANTES and KRINANTES.

One More Observation:

Codex Bezae sheds some further confusion on this subject. The Greek text of
Bezae is damaged here and also contains some spelling errors and other
anomalies but one can restore the Greek from the Latin with a tolerable level
of conjecture. The restored text replaces AUTWN . . . FWNAS (NA27) with AUTHS
MH SUNIENTES TAS GRAFAS. The scribe responsible for this reading sees the
leaders in Jerusalem suffering from a misunderstanding of the OT prophets.
This at least indicates that seeing Jesus as the antecedent of TOUTON was not
blatantly obvious to the sribe responsible for the reading in Bezae.

Actually the text of Bezae raises new questions without resolving any old
ones. I am arguing here as if the text in Codex Bezae is secondary. This is
the prevailing view but it is still an assumption that needs to be made

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