Re: Fonts for the web: the real scoop

From: Jonathan Robie (
Date: Mon Aug 10 1998 - 11:21:48 EDT

At 09:43 AM 8/10/98 -0500, Nicholas Corduan wrote:
>Another simple way of doing it, if you're dealing with passages of texts
>at least, is to design a graphic that has your text on it in the Greek
>font you prefer. Any modern browser can read a graphic, and while it may
>take some time to download, if you put it in .JPG format it's pretty fast
>-- and generally much faster than any of the java script-type methods.
>This method would be tedious if you were working with strand-alone words,
>but if you're doing something like passage & commentary or translation,
>this system works very well.
This is, in fact, what I do for most of the examples in Little Greek 101.
It works fine. It's just a little embarassing for me because of what I do
for a living - I represent my company (Texcel) on the Advisory Committeee
for the World Wide Web Consortium, on the XML and Document Object Model
Working Groups. People like me shouldn't have to use bitmaps. The web
should have standard ways of dynamically handling fonts. I am looking
forward to the day that we can all use Unicode in our documents and expect
that everyone can read it with their software.


Jonathan Robie

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