Romans 16:7/Junias

From: Theodore H. Mann (
Date: Mon Aug 10 1998 - 12:38:09 EDT

I believe that Jonathan, in a recent post, indicated that the rationale
is weak for sustaining the view that hIOUNIAS is a masculine name. I
deleted his message, so I hope my memory is accurate. I apologize if it

1. Both the GNT and GTR have hIOUNIAN, and my parsing guide indicates
2. Some translations use Junias, and some have Junia (which I assume is
3. Vincent, Thayer, Robertson and BAGD indicate that it could go either
way. BAGD says that ancient commentators viewed Andronicus and Junia as
    husband and wife.
4. My commentaries indicate masculine.

Judging from my limited resources, it sounds as if the evidence is pretty
evenly divided. But what is the evidence? Does the evidence favor one
view over the other?

Many thanks.

Best in Christ,

Theodore "Ted" H. Mann
Orchard Lake, Michigan

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