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Date: Mon Aug 10 1998 - 20:55:50 EDT

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<P>Joseph A. Weaks wrote:
<BLOCKQUOTE TYPE=CITE>List-companions,
<BR>I am wrapping up a Sunday School class where we have surveyed the New
<BR>Testament, with emphasis on literary and historical source issues in
<BR>different NT books. This is off topic, but our last session will be
on how
<BR>these books made it, what are some that didn't--basically, canonicity.
<BR>have not found a resource I am completely please with, though I do
like the
<BR>final chapter in Barr's _New Testament Story_.

<P>Do any of you prof-types have a lecture on canon issues you could email
<BR>I would especially love early church canon lists. Being a pastor in
<BR>West Texas cuts me off from a good library. There a good web resource,
<BR>perhaps? Please send offlist by:
<BR><A HREF=""></A> .

<P>Thanks for this indulgence,
Joe, here are some books to check.&nbsp; At least one of them should be
available to you.<I></I>

<P><I>The Text and Canon of the New Testament&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;</I> Alexander
<BR><I>The Formation of the Christian Bible&nbsp;&nbsp;</I> Hans von Campenhausen
<BR><I>The Canon of the New Testament&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; </I>Bruce
M. Metzger

<P>The last of these, Metzger's, is arguably the best.&nbsp; But then again,
I am an avid Metzger enthusiast.


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