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From: clayton stirling bartholomew (
Date: Mon Aug 10 1998 - 21:48:10 EDT

Maurice Taraschi wrote:

> Joe, here are some books to check. At least one of them should be
> available to you.
> The Text and Canon of the New Testament Alexander Souter
> The Formation of the Christian Bible Hans von Campenhausen
> The Canon of the New Testament Bruce M. Metzger
> The last of these, Metzger's, is arguably the best. But then again, I
> am an avid Metzger enthusiast.

I would second the the statement about Metzger's book on the Canon. It is one
of three works by the him which are especially useful for the serious study of
the NT, the other two are The Text of the NT and Early Versions of the NT. I
wonder what Dr. Metzger thinks about Princeton hiring Martin Bormann Redivivus
to teach Bio-Medical Ethics?

For details see:

Perhaps Princeton Seminary takes no responsibility for the goings on at
Princeton Univ., but alas this is off topic.

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