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From: Jeffrey B. Gibson (
Date: Tue Aug 11 1998 - 01:45:51 EDT

Jane Harper wrote:
> Perhaps someone would be kind enough to forward this to graphai?


I have done as you requested and forwarded the sad news of R.E. Brown's
death to Graphai. I am sure that those list members will be as stunned
as i was to hear the news. I had the privlege of meeting Brown at an
STNTS meeting in 1993, while attending the session in which he and Frans
Nyerinck were debating the issue of Johannine knowledge of the
Synoptics. I somehow managed to snare the seat next to him and before
the session began we chatted about the Gethsemane story. Though I was
only recently "doctored" at that time, he treated me very much as an
equal. And I was pleased to note that he remembered me when at last SBL
in Chicago I walked up to him to say hello. At the latter meeting, in
which his just then published _Death of the Messiah_ was under
discussion, I overheard Ray being asked if he intended to follow on from
the trail he had blaised with _Birth of the Messiah_ through the DofM to
_the Resurrection of the Messiah_. At that point he replied it was his
intention not to discuss *that* topic until he could do so face to face
with the Resurrected one himself. There must be one slam bang going on

It is off topic, I know, but perhaps not out of place to ask other
B-Greekers who met and knew the man to share their memories of him with
the rest of us.


Jeffrey Gibson

Jeffrey B. Gibson
7423 N. Sheridan Road #2A
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