Re: The meaning of hAPLOTHS in Romans 12:8

From: clayton stirling bartholomew (
Date: Tue Aug 11 1998 - 14:42:18 EDT

Bret Hicks wrote:

> My question is whether there is any instance outside the NT where
> hAPLOTHS is known to carry the meaning of "liberality" or "generosity".
> Liddell Scott seem to imply there is not since they list this as a NT
> meaning. Is this meaning only found in the NT, or are there examples of
> it prior to the NT era? I would appreciate any help you might be able
> to offer.

Apparently not in the LXX, Lust (LEH) gives the following references and glosses

2 Sm 15:11; 1 Chr 29:17; 1 Mc 2:37,60; 3 Mc 3:21
simplicity, sincerity, integrity, frankness 1 Chr 29:17; simplicity,
innocence 2 Sm 15:11,

But, LSJ (page 191) lists a Greek inscription as evidence for the glosses
"open heartedness" or "liberality" , the reference is 1GI 4.157. Not having
the Greek inscription handy I cannot quote if for you.

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