Re: Romans 8:28

From: Steve Long (
Date: Thu Aug 13 1998 - 04:37:27 EDT

>>For we know that regarding those who love God, he always works for good,
>>for those who, according to plan, are called.
>>What say others?
>As Ben has noted, neuter plurals are not abnormal as subjects of singular
>verbs; it would be quite proper to say that in classical Attic neuter
>plural subjects are REGULARLY used with singular verbs, and I think that
>exceptions to this in Koine are actually rather rare.
>Carl W. Conrad

How about this reading: "everything synergizes into good" or "all things
synergize into good"? Isn't there an implied plurality in the SUN prefix?
My original difficulty with the hO QEOS as the subject was I didn't see how
a singular subject could have a "synergy".


Steve Long

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