Re: Synergy - Romans 8:28/Sentence Adverbs

Date: Fri Aug 14 1998 - 11:17:19 EDT

Steve Long wrote:
> >I always thought of synergy being defined by the sum of the unified part
> >equaling more than the sum of the individual total. The products combine
> >having a greater sum than that of each item tallied as individuals.
> Exactly, multiple, seemingly insignificant events (PANTA) work together
> (SUNERGIE under God's direction of course!) into (EIS) a singular good
> event or circumstance (AGAQON), ultimately the will of God.
> It reminds me of Heisenberg's uncertainty principle, single photons are
> unpredictable and unmeasurable, but groups of photons are predictable. At
> the micro level, events seem somehow unpredictable, chaotic, which leads to
> the error of existentialism, nihlism etc. But somehow these events bounce
> off one another to end up going in the direction which God intends.

The synergy of this list is an amazing thing to watch. For example...

Clay's bepuzzlement with diagramming those pesky little sentence
adverbs in the Iliad seems directly related [or might we say
obtusely?] to this synergy thread, for the whole of the sentence
adverbially modified [to the distraction of diagramming] is greater
than the sum of its parts, and it is this whole that the sentence
adverb modifies, and the parts of the whole work together in such a
way as to be greater than their 'each-nesses' would add up to

And the two threads just 'happen' [photonically, a la Heisenberg's
uncertainty principle] to arise at the same time on list. And we all
know that this is just an accidental coincidence, right?? Nobody
believes there is divine intent at work here, do they??

Well I do...


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