Re: Romans 16:7/Jonathan's Post

From: Theodore H. Mann (
Date: Mon Aug 10 1998 - 15:41:13 EDT

Thanks to all. I will indeed check the archives, which I should have
done to begin with.

Best in Christ,

Theodore "Ted" H. Mann
Orchard Lake, Michigan

On Mon, 10 Aug 1998 15:15:27 -0400 (EDT) Edward Hobbs
>Since I was one of those to whom Larry Swain appealed, I'll respond.
>A short comment on each of the issues Ted Mann ended up raising:
>First, as both Carl Conrad and Mike Holmes wrote, all of this was
>at great length a couple of years or so ago-- see the archives. We
>need not re-invent the wheel.
>Second, as (again) Carl and Mike pointed out, the masculine name
>is bogus; it is purely a mdoern invention, with no evidence for it in
>antiquity whatever. The reasons for its invention are obvious; this
>is one
>of those cases where the King James translators were correct and the
>NIV, and NASB are victims of the invention. NRSV and NAB are more
>and perform no sex-change on the language.
>Third, Paul calls himself an "Apostle", or rather he says God called
>that, and he insists on his right to the term. Only later do Matthew
>Luke move toward calling no one but the Twelve by that term. Paul and
>know only "the Twelve," not "the Twelve Apostles." James, apparently
>charge in Jerusalem, would not be an "Apostle" if only the Twelve
>Finally, I have to agree with Carl and Jonathan, that taking the
>"among the apostles" to mean "the apostles as a group hold these two
>apostles in high regard" is "rather strained" (Carl) and "stretching
>(Jonathan), though the Greek could bear such a meaning (but see
>lovely English examples for the absurdity involved, to a
>native-speaker or
>PLEASE look in the archives; this had some lengthy discussion, and it
>needn't be repeated.
>Edward Hobbs
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