Re: Trench's Synonyms of the NT

From: James P. Ware (
Date: Sat Aug 15 1998 - 23:10:18 EDT

In regard to Ted Mann's question concerning Trench's Synonyms: this is,
IMHO, still very valuable and a classic of Biblical scholarship. I was
first turned on to this by a professor in grad school, and I have since
come to see why he sang its praises. I assume you have one of the
original editions, preferrably the 11th, not the dumbed-down version
reissued by Baker a few years ago, which is worthless. It is true, as I
see another post has noted, that some of Trench's conclusions must be
modified in view of the papyri, but that is in this case really only a
minor matter. Trench possessed a philological equipment and a command of
Greek literature which would positively dwarf most scholars today. His
theoretical approach is very sound, I believe, even if
someone may wish to quibble with this point or that. The book is filled,
not only with philological insight, but also
theological insight as well. I know Abraham Malherbe has used Trench to
good effect in his preparation of his upcoming commentary on
Thessalonians. I love Trench's work. It is one of the very few books
that I not only consult regularly, but also reread again and again. I
think you will thoroughly enjoy, and gain immense benefit from, this
classic. It is still the best work available on the synonyms of the NT.
Louw and Nida is useful, but this does not in any way detract from the
value of Trench's work. You will discover this for yourself once you
begin turning its pages.

Jim Ware

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