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Date: Wed Aug 19 1998 - 05:49:34 EDT

At 16:35 19/08/98 +1000, you wrote:
>It would be interesting to learn just how many future perfects there
>actually are in the GNT. I tried to find this out by looking up Clapp and
>Fribergs' Analytical Concordance/Grammatical Focus, but they do not list
>the future perfect separately and I could not identify these forms from the
>information given there. Does anyone know the answer to this question from
>other helps and aids they have available?

Because this is a _periphrastic_ future perfect, I used my Bible Windows
program in this way:

!st word: EIMI, future. Mid. Dep.,indicative, person=any, number=any
2nd " 'any' verb, perfect, passive, participle, {person, number,
gender, case} = any
Interval between words = exact phrase

This gives only Mt 16:19 and Mt. 18:18

A comment (fairly obvious)

In doing this kind of search, we are, of course, in the hands of those who
analysed the text.
In the case of Bible Windows, the acknowledgement is:

"The Analytical Greek New Testament is based on the analysis done by
Timothy and Barbara Friberg. The dictionary forms were added to the text by
Silver Mountain Software using the forthcoming Analytical Lexicon by
Miller, The text used is the UBS 4th Edition. Copyright 1989 by the
United Bible Societies. Used by permission. Portions Copyright by Timothy
Friberg. Portions Copyright 1994 by Silver Mountain Software."

The tagging, in the search engine of Bible Windows, allows, inter alia, for:
Mid or Pass
Mid Dep
Pass Dep

So. precise selection of the term used in the parsing is clearly called for.
Again, we are dependent on the tagging.

Examing the parsing, in the AGNT, of ESTAI and the participles, I find a
plus sign, explained as "intertag connector" -- how many example,other than
the periphrastic future perfect, this is used for I have no idea.
The Bible Windows help file states:
"For a complete discussion of the tags in AGNT, please consult the printed
edition of AGNT published by Baker Books."

If you have access to this, perhaps you could explore it?

In any case, I have no idea how to search for that "intertag connector" --
perhaps John Baima, the author of BIble Windows, could investigate?

Sorry I can't be of more help.


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