A Question on Mathew 18.18

From: D. Anthony Storm (dstorm@2xtreme.net)
Date: Sun Aug 16 1998 - 22:00:48 EDT

I do not recall this passage being addressed in the recent past. Moreover,
when I tried to use the archival search, my browser returned an error
message. So I apologize if this has been recently discussed. I have three
questions concerning a difficult statement of Jesus, which my commentaries
fail to adequately address. The Greek reads:


First, the grammar appears to me to be very odd, seeing that a future
indicative is followed by a perfect participle. Is this passage's grammar as
unusual as it seems to be?

Second, translations tend often to translate the passage as "Whatever you
bind will be bound" etc. Should we not translate the unusual(?) construction
as follows: "Whatever things you bind will be a thing having already been
bound" etc? I realize this is not good English, but I am trying to convey
the sense of the Greek as I see it. It would seem to me that the grammar is
so unusual as to require such a translation. This grammatical construction
(including the use of the verbs DEW and LUW) is also found at Matthew 16.19.
(John 20.23 conveys what seems to be a similar intent, but the grammar is
different, as are the two verbs used.)

Third, what would this passage mean?
a) Are the disciples being given the authority to make declarations to which
heaven will assent?
b) Will the apostles be so in touch with God that they will declare
something bound that has already been bound. Here they would follow the
heavenly will.
c) Will it be that when they bind something, it will be so bound that it
will be as if it had already been bound? This is similar to 'a' above.

In other words, on the basis of the grammar, does the one who binds initiate
the heavenly binding, or follow suit?

With this third question, I hope we can we confine ourselves to the
implications of the Greek. It is not my intent to be sectarian. If the list
owners feel that this third question should be excluded, that is fine by me.
I am not settled in this matter, and have no axe to grind.

Thank you.

D . A n t h o n y S t o r m dstorm@2xtreme.net

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