Re: The word alone in Romans 3:28

From: Carl W. Conrad (
Date: Mon Aug 24 1998 - 10:56:42 EDT

At 9:46 AM -0500 8/24/98, Christopher Hutson wrote:
>Matthew and David,
>The text you present of Luther's translation of Rom 3:28 seems like a
>straightforward rendering of the Greek to me.
>"So we conclude that a person is justified through faith alone without
>works of the law."
>I see nothing in Luther or in the Greek about "word only," and I am
>confused really about the original question. What exactly was the
>proposal in your Sunday School class yesterday? Was this an idea
>expressed in his commentary on Romans? I have only an abridged
>edition of that at hand. Perhaps you can check Luther's commentary on
>Romans and see if he made some such point.

I remember many years ago seeing a film that showed Luther reading this
text in the Vulgate, where it is:

        "arbitramur enim iustificari hominem per fidem sine operibus legis"

and he penned in the word "solam" above "fidem." I don't know whether the
film had any historical or biographical authenticity, but certainly thaat
version of the Latin 'per fidem solam' is reflected in his translation
"allein durch den Glauben."

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