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From: Rick Strelan (
Date: Tue Aug 25 1998 - 00:34:30 EDT

I am working through Ep Barnabas and find in 2:3 TOUTWN OUN MENONTWN TA
PROS KURION hAGNWS ... and am curious about the TA PROS KURION phrase,
which, I believe, is similar to Rom 15:17 TA PROS TON QEON and presumably
similar also to Mk 2:2: TA PROS THN QURAN and maybe a few other passages.
B-D #160 explain this usage as the accusative of respect and I can follow
that. I am simply wondering if anyone has any [further] explanation for or
comment on this kind of expression.

With thanks in anticipation,

Rick Strelan

Rick Strelan
Studies in Religion
University of Queensland

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