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From: Carl W. Conrad (
Date: Tue Aug 25 1998 - 07:17:37 EDT

At 11:34 PM -0500 8/24/98, Rick Strelan wrote:
>I am working through Ep Barnabas and find in 2:3 TOUTWN OUN MENONTWN TA
>PROS KURION hAGNWS ... and am curious about the TA PROS KURION phrase,
>which, I believe, is similar to Rom 15:17 TA PROS TON QEON and presumably
>similar also to Mk 2:2: TA PROS THN QURAN and maybe a few other passages.
>B-D #160 explain this usage as the accusative of respect and I can follow
>that. I am simply wondering if anyone has any [further] explanation for or
>comment on this kind of expression.

As one of the primary functions (if not the function par excellence) of the
accusative is to mark the LIMIT of the force of a verb, adjective, or
adverb--which is to say, to function adverbially, any noun or substantive
phrases) can function as as adverb. Generally speaking, that's precisely
what an "accusative of respect" is. Of course, from this it can be noted
that although a "direct object" or "direct complement" or an accusative of
extent of space or time are generally placed in grammars as separate
categories, these are really all the same kind of accusative. That may be
more of an answer than you really wanted, but I really think most grammars
make the accusative more complicated than it really is.

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