Fw: Jude 1:3; KOINHS

From: Tolliver Family (tolliver@tstar.net)
Date: Fri Aug 28 1998 - 17:22:37 EDT

Remember that profane is not just the opposite of sacred--it is open to
view--"common" in that sense.
The two kinds of faith are the inward and the outward.


> >Is there any grammatical reason why KOINHS in Jude 1:3 may not be
> >translated as 'profane', rather than 'shared'?
> It's valid grammatically, yes, but it's hard to see what sense "profane"
> would have in either place: the antithesis of 'profane' is 'sacred'--but
> are we talking about a kind of salvation or about a kind of faith that is
> profane rather than sacred?
> The fundamental sense of KOINOS/H/ON is "common," "shared." When KOINOS
> a pejorative sense, it really means "vulgar," beneath standards of good
> taste, worthless.

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