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Date: Sat Aug 29 1998 - 13:50:05 EDT

yochanan bitan wrote:
> xerete-
> are people happy with the naturalness of the aspect in
> instead of a potential OYK ISXYEN YP" OYDENOS ?
> Granted, when reporting a non-event of a story the aorist would be used (lu
> 20.26), but in this context the non-event is not part of the story but a
> background 'non-event'.


You have asked a whole string of questions here, I will only address one and a
half of them. I have been studying Luke-Acts for several years and I hauled
out my notes on this passage to review them.

First of all Luke 8:43-44 contains a rather complex syntactic structure. They
way I read it GUNH at the beginning of 8:43 is the subject of the main clause,
with the principle verb being hHYATO in 8:44. GUNH is immediately followed by
several subordinate constructions. The verb you are concerned with, ISCUSEN,
is the main verb of a relative clause beginning with hHTIS. Now if we accept
the textually dubious portion of this clause [IATROIS . . .BION], then how
should we analyze the aspect of ISCUSEN?

Let me paraphrase this a little. The woman in her recent history (12 years)
has had the attention of some unknown number of doctors, and has gone bankrupt
in the process. All of this is past, history, done and over with. The
statement OUK ISCUSEN AP' OUDENOS QERPEUQHNAI, is (my reading) a summery
statement which views the whole process of this woman being treated by doctors
in a simple collective way as one event in the past without indication of
duration or any other special aspectual coloring. For this reason ISCUSEN is
the best choice for this context.

Your second question
> (how do people who have read a million words of greek feel?)

Tired, very tired.

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