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>about hurricanes....
>I might be wrong (!)- but I dont think that hurricanes form in the Med.
>Thus, there is no need for such a word.
>To be sure, there are storms, etc- which is why lailaps means storm, etc.
>But as to a specific word for hurricane- I dont believe one exists (in
>classical or koine greek).

Thanks to the reverse search facility inherent in electronic editions of
lexicons, in the middle L & S I find:

I. the aegis or shield of Zeus, described in Il. 5. 738 sqq. the aegis on
statues of Athena is a short cloak of goat-skin, covered with scales, set
with the Gorgon's head, and fringed with snakes, v. Hdt. 4. 189. 2. a
goatskin coat, Eur. II. 1 a rushing storm, hurricane, Aesch.

The big LSJ expands the last entry as:
" _rushing storm, hurricane_ terrible as the shaken aegis Aseschylus:
Choephori 593 (lyr.)



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