From: Cindy Smith (
Date: Mon Aug 31 1998 - 22:59:17 EDT

I have a mailing list called that is also a
bidirectionally gatewayed newsgroup called at
our private news server I would like to ask
permission to subscribe that mailing list/newsgroup to b-greek so that
the readers of my mailing list can read the postings here. is a private secure server, not a public Internet
newsgroup. We take strong precautions against spammers.

Below is information about how to access the newsgroup and other newsgroups on our private server.

Thank you!

Cindy Smith


I maintain a number of mailing lists and newsgroups at our private
news server Below are the list of groups and how
to subscribe. Note that, for most of the groups, you must be
subscribed to the mailing list to post to the bidirectionally
gatewayed newsgroup.

We use ezmlm. To subscribe, send to listname-subscribe@hostname.tld
with nothing in the body. If you wish to receive the digest version,
send to listname-digest-subscribe@hostname.tld. If you do not wish
to receive mail but prefer to read and post through the newsgroup,
send to listname-extra-subscribe@hostname.tld. For other groups, as
noted, send to with SUBSCRIBE in the body
not the subject. Free Catholic Mailing List Anglican Mailing List/ EParish of St. Sam Bible Mailing List SUBSCRIBE in the body not the subject Literature Mailing List SUBSCRIBE in the body not the subject Conservative Mailing List SUBSCRIBE in the body not the subject New Testament Greek Mailing List SUBSCRIBE in the body not the subject Hebrew Mailing List SUBSCRIBE in the body not the subject

Many people have expressed a desire to read Catholic and Anglican and
Bible and Literature at our private news server
using Microsoft and Netscape products. The bidirectionally gatewayed
newsgroups below include everything in the Catholic hierarchy, the
Anglican hierarchy, the Literature hierarchy, and the Politics

Below is the procedure for reading the newsgroups using Microsoft
Outlook Express in 20 easy steps. Microsoft Outlook Express can be
downloaded at

1. Start Microsoft Outlook Express

2. Click Tools on Task Bar

3. Click Accounts

4. Click Add

5. Click News

6. Type Your Name where it says Display name:

7. Click next

8. Enter your email address where it says E-mail address:

9. Click next

10. Where it says News (NNTP) server: type:

11. Click next

12. Choose a friendly name for this news account. Where it says
        Internet news account name: type: or any
        name you choose.

13. Click next

14. Choose the method by which you will connect to

                Connect using my phone line
                Connect using my local area network (LAN)
                I will establish my Internet connection manually

        Choose one of those three above.

15. Click next

16. To save these settings, click Finish

17. Click close

18. On the left hand side of the screen, click

19. Click Newsgroups

20. Read list of newsgroups and click what you wish to read

If you have any difficulty following these steps, please call:

Microsoft Internet Explorer Technical Support 425-635-7123

Leo's Task number for reading over
Outlook Express: 328-523-74


Here is the method for reading newsgroups at using
Netscape Communicator in 13 easy steps:

1. Click Communicator on the task bar

2. Click Netscape Message Center

3. Click File

4. Click Add Discussion Group Server...

5. Type

6. Click OK

7. Click

8. Click Subscribe

9. Click newsgroup section you want to read

10. Click Expand All

11. Click Subscribe on the newsgroups you want to subscribe to

12. Click OK

13. Double-click newsgroups you want to read


Below is a list of the newsgroups available at in
alphabetical order:

anglican.acns Anglican Communion News Service
anglican.ce Anglican Christian Education
anglican.ens Episcopal News Service
anglican.episcopal Episcopal Mailing List (Feature Articles) Anglican Music
anglican.propertalk Anglican Proper Talk
anglican.stsams Anglican Mailing List/EParish of St. Sam's Same as Catholic.fcml Bible Mailing List
catholic.fcml Free Catholic Mailing List
catholic.literature Literature Mailing List New Testament Bible Translation Mailing List Hebrew Bible Translation Mailing List Literature Mailing List
literature.christsf Christian Imagination Association Mailing List
politics.conservative Conservative Mailing List

Note: With the creation of the literature hierarchy,
catholic.literature will be deleted in a few days, to be replaced with

Cindy Smith
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Put it not off from day to day
   Ecclesiasticus/Ben Sira 5:8

Read the mailing list
Read the mailing list
Read the mailing list (Greek New Testament)
Read the mailing list (Hebrew Old Testament)

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