Machen; exer. 267; #18

From: Randall M. Tidmore (
Date: Thu Sep 03 1998 - 10:12:16 EDT

*Please answer directly to me, instead of to the list*

I have just started my third semester of N. T. Greek for Beginners. Our
textbook is Machen. I know that some of you are at least aquatinted with the
book. If this is not out of the scope of the intended use of the list, I
would appreciate those of you who are teachers interpreting sentence 18 of
exercise #267. (This is not to help me with my homework-HA!) I am supposed
to be past this already, but while reviewing, I have really struggled with
this one.

I am not comfortable with the form here for typing the Greek yet, or I would
have included the sentence.


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