1 Cor 12:2

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Date: Wed Sep 02 1998 - 22:32:48 EDT

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<P>I have&nbsp; a question re 1 Corinthians 12:2 specifically with reference
to the prepositional phrase&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; <FONT FACE="Helena">pro\&szlig;
ta\ ei&iexcl;dwla ta\ a&iexcl;fwna (</FONT><FONT FACE="Times New Roman,Times">I
realise that this verse is inherently difficult due to being an anacolouthon)</FONT><FONT FACE="Helena"></FONT>

<P><FONT FACE="Times New Roman,Times">Is it syntactically possible to see
this phrase as adverbially qualifying&nbsp;&nbsp; </FONT><FONT FACE="Helena">h&iexcl;gesqe
</FONT><FONT FACE="Times New Roman,Times">in the subordinate clause&nbsp;
</FONT><FONT FACE="Helena">w*&szlig; a&middot;n h&iexcl;gesqe&nbsp; </FONT><FONT FACE="Times New Roman,Times">ie
can it be syntactically part of a subordinate clause when it precedes&nbsp;
the clause marker (</FONT><FONT FACE="Helena">w*&szlig; a&middot;n</FONT><FONT FACE="Times New Roman,Times">)?</FONT><FONT FACE="Times New Roman,Times"></FONT>

<P><FONT FACE="Times New Roman,Times">My resulting translation is:</FONT><FONT FACE="Times New Roman,Times"></FONT>

<P><FONT FACE="Times New Roman,Times">"You know that when you were Gentiles,
when ever you were led to dumb idols, you (were) being led astay."</FONT>
<BR><FONT FACE="Times New Roman,Times">(I am assuming that there is an
implied </FONT><FONT FACE="Helena">húte </FONT><FONT FACE="Times New Roman,Times">so
that the participle is effectively a periphrastic imperfect </FONT><FONT FACE="Helena">)</FONT><FONT FACE="Helena"></FONT>

<P><FONT FACE="Times New Roman,Times">I would appreciate comment as to
wheher this is an acceptable translation?</FONT><FONT FACE="Times New Roman,Times"></FONT>

<P><FONT FACE="Times New Roman,Times">Thanks in advance</FONT><FONT FACE="Times New Roman,Times"></FONT>

<P><FONT FACE="Times New Roman,Times">Perry Wiles</FONT></HTML>


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