From: Jonathan Robie (
Date: Fri Sep 04 1998 - 09:35:12 EDT

At 07:54 AM 9/4/98 -0500, Carl W. Conrad wrote:

>and I wouldn't be airing this on B-Greek proper
>if I didn't suppose that Edgar's message has alarmed others, as seems
>indicated by Jim West's response. There IS a glitch somewhere, but I'm not
>altogether sure that the glitch is in the Lyris software at Sunsite in
>Chapel Hill.
It alarmed me, too, so I think posting here was appropriate. Incidentally,
the fact that Edgar's message was accepted is yet another indication that
Lyris is treating him as a member of the list. I really don't understand
what the problem is, and I've put some time into this. I do think it's best
to discuss this off-list, though.

There *is* another way to see the postings if you have access to the web.
You can connect to "", choose "SunSITE hosted
lists", then choose "Biblical Languages". Now you can choose from B-Greek
or B-Hebrew.

Or if you have a news server, you can connect to

But for now, I'm rather mystified by Edgar's problem...

Texcel Research

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