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From: Jonathan Robie (
Date: Fri Sep 04 1998 - 16:43:39 EDT

I just did a little searching on George Lamsa and came up with some
interesting web pages. All the links I list here propose views similar to
what I think Jack is proposing. (I am not posting these because I agree
with them, I am posting them because I think they are interesting.)

Here's the Aramaic Bible Society, which Lamsa founded:

They offer, among other things, "the new edition of the one New Testament
capable of reordering the theology of practicing Christians and saving the
church universal from itself and the cults!" This New Testament is, of
course, based on the Syriac Peshitta.

They also offer courses in the Aramaic language, which can be found here:

There's a glowing biography of Lamsa here:

An excerpt: "George M. Lamsa, a native Assyrian, renowned scholar of the
Scriptures, lecturer and author, F.R.S.A., was born in a civilization with
customs, manners, and language almost identical to those in the time of

Here's a site on Assyrian religion in general, with links to the Syrian
Orthodox church, the Maronite church, the Mar Toma church of India, etc:

Here's some images of Aramaic and Syriac manuscripts with some discussion
of the Lord's Prayer in Aramaic:
This list does not include the real nut cases, nor does it include lists of
critics of Lamsa. Both are easy to find on the web. I can't resist,
however, including a RealAudio recording of the Lord's Prayer in Aramaic
sung by a German Overtone Choir:

Select "Abwun d'bwaschm‰j‰".

Hope this is interesting for someone...

Texcel Research

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