Re: Compound subjects with hH?

From: Ben Crick (
Date: Sat Sep 05 1998 - 16:38:53 EDT

On Sat 5 Sep 98 (16:12:52 +0800), wrote:
> In our review of James 2:14-16, we came across in verse 15 the
> following construction:

 Dear Paul:

 It's verse 15 : EAN ADELFOS *H* ADELFH KTL...

 The word H is with a smooth, not a rough breathing; and a grave accent:
 "If a brother *or* a sister be naked...". The verb hUPARCWSIN is 3rd Pl
 Present Active Subjunctive, plural because it is a compound subject,
 ADELFOS H ADELFA [either, or both].

 We have the same convention in these gender-equal P.C. days; "he or she
 are", not "he or she is". We even use the plural pronoun for the non-
 gender specific pronoun he/she when it is singular. "If someone wants to
 come, *they* should say so beforehand". I daresay it is the same in modern


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