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From: Jonathan Robie (
Date: Mon Sep 07 1998 - 16:50:35 EDT

At 08:50 PM 9/7/98 +0100, Steven Gunderson wrote:

>I am bit biased, but another Idiom book is Stanley Porter's "Idioms of the
>Greek NT" (Sheffield Academic Press). He is also coming out (with Jeffrey
>Reed) with "Fundamentals of the Greek NT" hopefully in December, and an
>introductory text book on Discourse Analysis (with Matthew Brook) perhaps
>next year.

I bought this book at SBL, since I was looking for a book on NT idioms, and
the price was right. Alas, it isn't really about idioms in the sense that I
was expecting; it is mainly a grammar. For instance, Hendiasys does not
even occur in the index, and although Moule's idiom book is in the
bibliography, Bullinger's is not. In fact, Moule's idiom book is the only
work on the subject of idioms mentioned in the bibliography.

The introduction clarifies: "Idioms of the Greek New Testament, the title
of this volume, may arouse some curiosity. The term 'idiom' is not being
used in the technical sense of set phrases in the language; rather, it is
being used after the fashion established by CFD Moule, in his extremely
helpful work, "An Idiom Book of NT Greek", to refer to the various patterns
of usage of the Greek of the NT." As Porter himself states in the intro,
this book is primarily meant as a bridge from first year grammars to more
advanced grammars (he mentions BDF, Robertson, Moulton, and Turner).

So if you think you are looking for a book on idioms of the NT, this
probably is *not* the book you want, despite its title.



Jonathan Robie

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