Date: Wed Sep 09 1998 - 10:40:34 EDT

Christopher Hutson wrote:

> I think all this hair splitting about the number of Games is silly.
> Why pick out that one criterion of comparison and ignore all others?
> It's not just a matter of saying how many games Babe, Maris, McGwire
> played to set the record. How many at-bats did each player get? How
> many times was each intentionally walked? What was the median ERA of
> the pitchers each faced over the course of the season? We could go on
> and on searching for reasons to rationalize...

I had to chuckle at this, on b-greek of all places, where this
methodology is matter of course and de-rigour, and especially so if
you have the gramcord. I am encouraged to discover that this
scholarly bent of mind is not just a quirk of scholars, but finds its
way into sports as well ~ I mean, what about the small size of the
strike zone now compared to then? And the higher tech balls now
manufactured with more bounce? I do the same thing!! There are times
when I just have to take myself out behind the woodpile and give
myself a sound thrashing. THEN I'm better for awhile. :-) :-)


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