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From: Edgar M. Krentz (
Date: Wed Sep 09 1998 - 00:01:45 EDT

>I would suggest one small correction to your interpretation of the Rahlfs
>critical note to Isaiah 45:19. Capital C does refer to Codex Ephraemi when
>it is not italicized, but when italicized, as here, it refers to something
>identified as "recensio in Catena magna in prophetas inventa" [whatever
>that is]. A similar problem exists with the letter L; when not italicized
>it refers to "Purpureus Vindobonensis," but when italicized it refers to
>the Lucian recension. Personally, I think the editors should have
>distinguished these texts in some way other than italic type, which is
>obviously very confusing.
>I agree that it is odd the editors nowhere explain the significance of the
>superscripted 0 following the 2. I noticed the same siglum (a 2
>immediately followed by a superscripted 0) on the facing page, in the
>apparatus note for Isaiah 45:5 with respect to QEOS. It must somehow refer
>to repetition of the word, as you took it, but it is frustrating when
>editors do not give you all of the information you need to interpret the
>apparatus (which by its nature is usually cryptic enough as it is).
>Kevin L. Barney
Let me see if I can clear up your reading of the Rahlfs apparatus to Isa
45:19.The 2 with the superscript o means the second occurence of EGW EIMI,
the > means "is omitted by" S = Sinaiticus, the superscript c after it
means the corrector of the Synaiticus, while the Italic C means, as Kevin
noted the recension in the"Catena magna in prophetas inventa," id est the
great Latin commentary that is a chain (hence the Latin catena) of
citations from earlier commentaires. That means that you would need to find
the edition, look up the passage, determine who is cited, and then date
that scholar to evaluate the significance.

Unlike Kevin, I think the apparatus is clear, provided one looks at the
list of abbreviations. Unfortunately, the key to the abbreviation printed
in the preface does not list the Rescensions of the text cited in the
apparatus; that is only on the separately printed "Explanatio Signorum"
--and there only in untranslated Latin. If you still have that separate
sheet, tip it into the real of your LXX with a bit of glue so that yhou
don't lose it. It's more complete than the liste in the bound pages.

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