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>Didn't the Babe hit his 60 homers in a shorter season than the rest

>these guys? Or does my memory fail me? If it doesn't, we would have

>project how many more 4-baggers Ruth would likely have hit if he had

>same length season as Maris and McGuire, in which case he would

>still be the King of Swat. Or did Maris and McGuire reach the 61

>(so as to break Ruth's record) in the same number of games as Ruth?


I didn't answer Ted's question before. Here, however, is what the
NYTimes article by Murray Chass this morning said:

"McGwire's record-tying home run came two days after another
first-inning home run tied him with Babe Ruth at 60. McGwire's 61st
came in his team's 144th game (including one tie), whereas it took
Maris 163 games (also one tie) to surpass Ruth. Because he broke Ruth's
total well before his team's 154th game - the length of the season when
Ruth played - McGwire should not face any talk of an asterisk in
regards to surpassing Ruth, an issue that bedeviled Maris."

Gee, I wish I did know the Greek for baseball, so I could justify this
as something more than the answer to a question asked on B-Greek.

Oh--and the Greek word for "baseball?" Although we can't talk of it as
something Athenian ephebes practiced on the plain of Marathon, there is
a Modern Greek word for the American game, and it should come as no
surprise that it's a loan word: MPEIZ-MPWL. Those who are unaware of it
should realize that Beta in MG has a V-sound, and to get the hard
B-sound, MG has to use the combination MP (just as, in order to get the
hard D-sound, it must use the combination NT).

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