RE: 1 Peter 2:19

From: Hultberg, Alan (
Date: Thu Sep 10 1998 - 20:25:30 EDT

Sorry if the subject heading is wrong; I accidentally deleted the original

A list member asked about the use of CARIS in 1 Peter 2:19. Though Peter
often uses CARIS as "God's favor," it seems to me that here he means something
like "merit."

 The use of CARIS in 2:20 (TOUTO CARIS PARA QEWi) helps clarify the idiom in
2:19 -- something like, "this is meritorious as far as God is concerned," or
"this finds favor with God," or "this pleases God." Most modern English
translations make some similar rendering. Cf. Luke 6:32-34 -- "If you love
those who love you, POIA hUMIN CARIS ESTIN?" -- where CARIS clearly means
"merit" or "credit."


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