Misunderstandings and Humor

From: Larry Swain (swainl@calcite.rocky.edu)
Date: Sat Sep 12 1998 - 13:23:48 EDT

Recently (and once again) a joke was made on list that was taken the wrong
way, followed by adjurations to lighten up. This isn't the first time
such events have occurred. But there is a simple way to avoid such
misunderstandings. These little tools have been around since before I
started doing email things 13 years ago. They're called emotica, simple
little devices one can put into the text of the message to convey extra
meaning such as humor. A few of the more common ones: ;) :-) >:->
:( which convey a smile, a grin, a wicked grin, or a frown. There are
lists of them out in Internetland if you need more. But perhaps in future
when a comment is made meant to be taken humorously we listmembers can
make use of these simple tools and avoid unfortunate misunderstandings and
exchanges like the one regarding SBL's membership.

Off the Soapbox,
Larry Swain

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