From a happy "little Greek"!

From: Sherrie Sanders (
Date: Sat Sep 12 1998 - 20:50:16 EDT

Dear B-Greekers,
   Hello, everyone. This is a note especially for people like me. By "me" I
mean fellow list members who don't say much at all on this list because it
seems so far over our heads, and we wonder why we even stay because we
delete most of the messages before we even look at them. Well...
    I'd heard a lot about Jonathan Robie's "Little Greek" website, and
looked through it a bit a few months ago. I must not have looked very well,
because when I decided to look again tonight, I discovered the section on
reading Greek every day. Because I just graduated from college in May, and
took 3 years of Greek, I would hate to think of losing the information for
which I've studied so hard. The problem is this: I'm a first grade teacher
who hardly has any time at all to work on her languages, and when I do have
the time, I'm too tired to think that hard. Silly though it may seem to you
"Big Greeks", I could only see real Greek study as me dragging out every
reference work I own, piles of notebook paper, and plenty of #2 pencils,
settling down for hours of hard labor. (That's sort of how it was in
college.) I thought that just reading it and stumbling my way through
wouldn't really "count", so I've rarely done that. Well...
   I was SO EXCITED to see that just reading Greek every day is an effective
way of studying and learning it! To be honest, I was actually nearing that
point where I wanted an interlinear because I thought it might help. (gasp!)
I'm not an entirely anti-interlinear type (probably only because I don't
know enough to be one), but I didn't want to need it. The thought that
simply reading my text can be helpful absolutely thrills my soul! I had two
of the most wonderful Greek teachers in college, and I sure don't want to
forget all they taught me! Now I'm going to move past just
-lexicon. I'm going to boldly go where lots of other people have gone
before, but where I dared to tread!
   So, I recommend this site to other people like me. And now you know who
"me" is!

Allison (who is tremendously encouraged!!)

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