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From: Mark Goodacre (
Date: Mon Sep 14 1998 - 06:53:33 EDT

On 11 Sep 98 at 9:55, Edgar Krentz wrote:

> I think many of you will be interested in the following url from Mundelein
> Seminary's web site; it contains a multitude of links for biblical study. Add
> it to your bookmarks. Even Carl Conrad may find some new ones here. I say that
> because the links on his site are also marvellous.
> And Jonathon may want to tell them about some to add.
> I trust that this fits within the scope of b-greek.

May I be so bold as to refer also to my own Recommended New Testament Web
Resources site?

I think that this does fit within the scope of b-greek since it has a first
section on the Greek NT. It goes on to provide links to various resources of
academic material, including the only list of NT Scholars' web sites on the

I hope that this is of interest.

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