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> Greetings All:
> This is probably too involved a question for B-Greek, but I have been
> wondering what the pros and cons are (grammatically, syntactically, etc.)
> regarding the Pauline authorship of Hebrews. Can anyone suggest a
> particularly well-balanced article or book dealing with this question?
> Many thanks.
> Best in Christ,
> Theodore "Ted" H. Mann

In addition to the introductions cited, P. Ellingworth discusses authorship in
his <<Commentary on Hebrews>>, pp. 3-21. As he says, "The idea of Pauline
authorship of Hebrews is now almost universally abandoned" (p. 3).

To me, two things about the letter that are strikingly Pauline are the
association of the triad of love, faith and hope (see particularly 10:10-25)
and the association with Timothy in 13:23.

In contrast, the style of Greek, the structure of the letter, the vocabulary
selected, the way the OT is used and the way in which the author relates to
the recipients (who are known to him) and interjects himself into the text is
markedly different from Paul's other letters.

Cindy Westfall
PhD Student Roehampton

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