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Date: Tue Sep 15 1998 - 12:36:24 EDT

Perry L. Stepp wrote:
> Hello, all. In Ethelbert Stauffer's *New Testament Theology*, I've run
> across an abbreviation that I can't figure out, one that isn't defined in
> the list of abbreviations. He refers to "SBar 76.2" and "SEn 64.1."
> Assuming Bar=Baruch and En=Enoch, to what works is Stauffer referring? I'm
> familiar with the Similtudes of Enoch--is *that* what "SEn" aims at? I
> don't know of any such works associated with Baruch.
> Perhaps S stands for Syriac--Syriac Baruch, Syriac Enoch? There's a "Baruch
> apocalypse" in Syriac, I believe.
> What's up with that?

In my addition of Stauffer (the marvelously titled SCM "cheap
edition"!), there is a list of abbreviations on pp. 354 ff. where the
info you seek can be found. As you guessed SBar means the Syrian Baruch
Apocalypse (as opposed to the "Greek Slav" Baruch Apocalypse edited by
M.R. James which is desicnated GBar, and the Book of Baruch = BBar). But
SEn is what Stauffer uses for Slavonic Enoch (aka The Secrest of Enoch,
crticat text ed. by G.N. Bonwetsch and apperently noted or used by James
in his edition of the A and P of the OT), and to distinguish this
edition of Enoch from Aethiopian Enoch (AEn), Greek Enoch (Gen), and
Hebrew Enoch (HEn), the crtical texts of which he notes in the
abbreviations as well.

(is there no such lists of abbreviations anywhere in your edition of

Hope this helps.

And while were on the subject, what do those who have used Stauffer make
of it. I recall *attempting* years ago to make use of it, but it seemed
unreadable to me. Of list replies on this one, please.


Jeffrey Gibson

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