Re: OUAI = "DAMN"?

From: Jim West (jwest@Highland.Net)
Date: Mon Sep 14 1998 - 05:57:00 EDT

At 07:58 AM 9/14/98 +0000, you wrote:

>Isn't there a difference in perspective, if I say "damn you" I am actively
>condemning you, whereas if I say "Woe to you", I am warning you about the
>results of your actions, you are condemning yourselves by not listening and

Of course there is Steve. You are absolutely correct, as is Jonathan in his
supposition that "damn" cannot be supported by the LXX.

> Certainly the end result is the same,

Not really. Someone being warned and someone being damned are, in truth,
two completely different things!

> but the causitive force is
>yourself rather than me. If we are going to translate we can't lose the
>causitive force.
>Just my $.02.

More than that.



Jim West, ThD
Quartz Hill School of Theology

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