Re: OUAI = "DAMN"?

From: Steve Long (
Date: Mon Sep 14 1998 - 03:58:23 EDT

>> Wouldn't the listeners to John the Baptist's "Brood of Vipers" speech have
>> felt the same way about that? If this is not a curse in the proper sense
>>of a
>> prayer for someone's damnation, it is at the least a powerful admonition
>> rejection of this opportunity for salvation must be damnation.
>Thanks for this. Also relevant, I suppose, is Matt. 11.20-24 // Luke
>in which we hear OUAI SOI, XORAZIN, OUAI SOI BHQSAIDA in a clear
>judgement-related context -- EN hHMERAi KRISEWS in vv. 22 and 24 and then v.
>23 KAFARNAOUM shall be cast down to Hades.
Isn't there a difference in perspective, if I say "damn you" I am actively
condemning you, whereas if I say "Woe to you", I am warning you about the
results of your actions, you are condemning yourselves by not listening and
repenting? Certainly the end result is the same, but the causitive force is
yourself rather than me. If we are going to translate we can't lose the
causitive force.

Just my $.02.


Steve Long
Saint Peters, Missouri

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