Re: OUAI = "DAMN"?

From: stilman davis (
Date: Mon Sep 14 1998 - 14:14:06 EDT

Unfortunately, Ben, some who might read the bible today have never heard of the
Andrews Sisters. I believe Jane Harper is on the money when she emphasises the
contemporary expression. Perhaps "Damn" is not the right word, but "Woe" does not
figure in my vocabulary, except when I am preaching, and (pace Jim West) the pew
sitters are the only ones in this small village who have any idea of a "woe." (I
would disagree with Jim West and his impression of the audience of Jesus but that is
a long debate.) Certainly the children who don't come to church have never heard the
word, but they certainly have heard "damn" in many varied circumstances which may or
may not actually correspond with what the translators (and pew sitters) understand as
its meaning.

I suggest that we do need to have a contemporary expression of the curses and
blessings found throughout the bible. Carl Conrad's thoughts on the matter should
start us on the way. OUAI comprehends the facets of meaning which as AKM Adam
suggests can be expressed in crude and not so crude expressions which are more in
tune with modern usage.

That is my tuppence....

Stilman Davis

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