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> In the LXX, it is a name given a child 1Sam 4:21, which the NRSV
> translates Ichabod. Does the Hebrew version help clear it up?

 /Pace/ Jim West, 'iY-KhaBhoDh stands for 'eYN KaBhoWDh, "there is no
 glory". 'iY ('aleph Yodh) is the regular and ordinary negative in Ethiopic,
 and occurs also in Job 22:30, 'iY-NaQiY, "Not innocent" ("guilty", NRSV).
 See SR Driver, /Notes on the Hebrew Text of the Books of Samuel/, Oxford,
 1890, page 39.

 Woe to him who is not innocent, unless the Almighty deliver him. Hell and
 destruction are never full (Proverbs 27:20). OUAI and GEENNA are together
 in Matthew 23:15. Back to the D--- word then. As the Captain of the good
 ship HMS Pinafore boasts, "I never use a big big D". "Never?" "Well,
 hardly ever..." (Gilbert & Sullivan).



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