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From: Randall M. Tidmore (
Date: Tue Sep 15 1998 - 13:54:09 EDT

After looking at the actual Hebrew equivalent, and thinking about the
Spanish translation of "woe," I am wondering if this is no more than writing
the letters that would represent the sound expressed by emotions. In
Spanish, the word is Ay, which is an expression used for a variety of
emotions. If this is so, trying to "define" the interjection (which does not
exclusively refer to actual words) could be futile. For example, how would
one define these common expression: Ouch! Yikes! Oh! Wow! In modern English
there is even an interjection (perhaps, or IMHO) similar to "woe." I am not
sure if we would spell it "woe" or "whoa." We think of "woe" more as an
expression of grief, but the modern term can express shock, disgust, horror,

Is this a possibility?

Just sharing my thoughts,

Randall (Randy) M. Tidmore, Evangelist
"Speaking the truth in love"
Member of the non-denominational church of Christ

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