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From: Edgar Krentz (
Date: Wed Sep 09 1998 - 04:12:48 EDT

Recentlyi Chrys Caragouinis send me a copy of his articler "The Error of
Earsmus and un-Greek Pronunciations of Greek,"Filologia Neotestamentaria 8
(1995) 151-185.

I am curious. Has anyone else read his paper and written an evaluation of
it? He concludes that the modern Greek pronunciation is the same as that of
ancient Greek, going back to the fifth century BC. He deals with Allen's
VOX GRAECA in passing on p. 183.

I have not yet worked through the text carefully, bukt hope to do so in a
few weeks when the new academic year is under way and I have time for the
careful reading. [The quarter system means we don't get under way until the
end of September.]

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