Re: John 2:8

Date: Thu Sep 17 1998 - 10:26:10 EDT

Jim West wrote:

> It may perhaps help to realize that the purification rites would have been
> fairly well known to John's readers- who though probably not predominantely
> Jewish would have probably seen some Jews purify themselves.

Thank-you for your wonderful notes and accounting of the Jewish
purification rites, Jim. I had not heard them before, and am in your
debt. The phrase KATA TON KAQARISMON TWN IWUDION [2:6] was a defect
in my understanding of this passage that you have helped enormously.
I simply had no idea what that meant except the setting out of 6
waterpots of stone that the text mentions.

I got to thinking about the 'when' of the conversion of the water to
wine [brace yourself!! :-)] and it occurred to me that the little
word we both had syntactically glossed as merely a sequencer, NUN,
could very well be the precise point of conversion. It makes sense in
a lot of ways, but as usual, I would be hard pressed to prove it. I
simply offer it for consideration...

Thanks again, my friend, for your thoughtful and helpful response on
this issue.


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