Re: Holy Spirit and indications of grammar

Date: Sun Sep 20 1998 - 13:20:03 EDT

Trevor M Peterson wrote:
> clayton stirling bartholomew
> >Without a doubt, I have overstated the case here for the sake of
> >clarity and
> >someone will want to reply with at "yea but . . ."
> Do you mean "yea" or "yeah"? Maybe it's unique to the Pacific Northwest,
> but I've never met anyone who still uses "yea" in normal conversation.
> ;-)

Trevor ~

As another PacNWer, I should probably set the record straight. The
word is a noun ~ Yahbut ~ And is normally used as an injunctive with
children, anteceded by NO, and used in the plural, following often a
previous injunctive:

"Clean you room, Danny, and no yahbuts!"

It can also be used following an explanation.


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