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<<harles, since you are delving into it so much.

You mentioned the EI MH construction. Incidentally, I found that the
construction in Mt 19:9 (.... MH ...) is almost always translated,
although there appears to be no other occurrence in the NT where MH (with
no EI or EAN) is ever translated such. The justification for such is
an appeal to a supposed ellipted EI. The "except" translation may be
unfortunate, especially if it gives the impression that the negation
for the case of the immoral wife wherein if the man divorces and
then he does not commit adultery) is to be understood.

Paul Dixon>>

You may be correct on this, although I thought I found another example in the
NT at one time, but I've forgotten where it was. The question still is if the
negation is an invited inference which is one of the issues Grice discusses.

Charles Powell

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